Outlet Covers Baby Proofing (50 Pack)

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  • QUICK & EASY WAY TO HELP YOU PROTECT YOUR TODDLER from accidents and electrocution! The Wappa Baby outlet plug covers are here to offer you that much-needed peace by minimizing the chances of your little explorer reaching into your home’s electric sockets.
  • UNLIKE ALL THOSE CHEAPLY-MADE SOCKET COVERS that can be easily removed by kids, our white plug covers are designed to be difficult for children to remove.
  • DESIGNED TO BLEND with your home decor while contributing to a safer living enviroment.
  • INSTALL IN SECONDS, just insert the safety caps into the unused outlets, and the plug protectors will securely fit in place.
  • NOW YOU CAN BABYPROOF YOUR HOME, OFFICE OR BUSINESS EFFORTLESSLY! Our safety outlet plug covers 50-pack will give you a bigger bang for your buck and allow you to childproof your home, office, daycare, school or commercial establishment.

Product Description

As a concerned parent, you know that exposed electrical outlets are a big safety hazard for your young child. You keep them covered, so you’re not too worried about it. But curious and determined hands can remove generic ones without a lot of effort. Outlet covers should slide in easily but be somewhat difficult for adults to remove, and almost impossible for children. There are two ways to make sure that an outlet cover will protect your child from harm: Unnoticeable so as not to invite your child to touch it, and so tight-fitting that it’s hard even for you to remove. We designed an outlet cover that meets those safety demands so you can rest easy and allow your child to explore unencumbered.

Protect Your Child From Harm

Electrocution is one of the most common risks for infants and young children. That means your home is always a potential danger unless you have socket covers. Child development and safety experts recommend outlet covers as a parent’s #1 safety essential in the home. They’re even more important than safety gates! Why? Because children are curious and want to touch everything they see. Little fingers can slide right into those slits the second you turn your back. This risk may be preventable when you choose our high-quality outlet covers with electrical insulating material.

Hard To Remove By Children

When has hard to remove ever been a key feature of a product? When it concerns outlet covers. They should be somewhat difficult for you to remove and almost impossible for your child. That’s why ours are the #1 safest choice, safer than other generic brands that are loose, flimsy, and simple for small, curious hands to remove. Our outlet covers are durable and thick enough to fit snugly into the slots but they’re super easy to instal. You’ll whip through securely babyproofing your house in no time.

Fits Right In

You want your home to be babyproofed, but it doesn’t have to look that way! We intentionally made our outlet covers non-showy so as not to attract your child’s attention. Also, they support any style of home decor.

For Your Entire Home

If you live in the average American home, you have a lot of electrical outlets to cover. That’s why we bulk-sized our outlet cover, so that you have more than enough to babyproof every room in your house.


If you’re babyproofing your home, why would you choose outlet covers made from cheap, plastic that contains harmful chemicals? We went the full mile and designed a safer outlet cover from high-quality BPA-free material.

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Color Clear White White White White White
Recommended Age Age 0-4 Years 0-4 Years 0-4 Years 0-4 Years 0-4 Years 0-4 Years
Intended Use Helps to protect children from electric hazards Box with double lock mechanism to avoid children from touching electrical cords and adapters Secure fridges, toilets, cabinets, drawers and appliances with long lasting 3M adhesive. Helps to avoid children from opening doors they shouldn't Helps to avoid children from opening toilet lids Helps to avoid children from opening doors
Easy To Install
Easy To Use

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Outlet Covers Baby Proofing (50 Pack) Safe & Secure Electric Plug Protectors | Sturdy Childproof Socket Covers for Home & Office | Easy Installation | Protect Toddlers & Babies | White
Outlet Covers Baby Proofing (50 Pack)

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