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Manual Breast Pump, Hand Pump for Breastfeeding

Manual Breast Pump, Hand Pump for Breastfeeding

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When you gotta pump, you gotta pump. Our Manual Breast Pump is comfortable, silent, and portable. Convenient for occasional use at home, on the go, or stashed in your bag as a back-up. Switch easily between two pumping modes, stimulation and expression, to aid in let-down and maximize your pumping sessions. The ergonomic easy-express handle reduces hand fatigue, and two sizes of ComfortFit flanges, standard (25mm) and large (30.5mm), ensure ideal suction and pumping comfort. Save time and pump directly into Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags. Born from one mother’s realization that birthing people often go without the support they need and deserve, Lansinoh proudly stands with mothers all over the world. Our journey started with award winning, doctor recommended HPA Lanolin Nipple Cream: today, we offer a comprehensive collection of solutions to help new parents navigate pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding , and pumping. Our product range includes organic nipple balm, disposable nursing pads, washable nursing pads, breastmilk storage bags, manual breast pumps and double electric breast pumps, postpartum essentials, baby bottles, and more.

  • TWO-PHASE PUMPING- Stimulation and Expression modes help with let-down and pumping efficiency
  • EASY TO USE- Fewer parts so it’s easy to clean and assemble, BPA and BPS free
  • COMFORTFIT FLANGES- 2 sizes (25mm & 30.5mm) for ideal suction & fit
  • INCLUDES ONE SLOW FLOW NATURALWAVE NIPPLE- Our nipples promote the same natural feeding actions your baby learned while breastfeeding and are clinically proven to reduce nipple confusion
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE- Easy-express handle design to reduce hand fatigue
  • LANSINOH COMPATIBLE- Wide-neck bottles fit across the Lansinoh range so you can use one baby bottle to pump, store, and feed
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